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Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Do you ship to my city and location?

  • For a great customer experience, we have decided to deliver all the products free all over India.

What is the estimated delivery time?

  • Products are dispatched within 48 hours of order confirmation.
  • For ready to ship products shipping is done within 7 days of order confirmation.
  • For rest of the segment (products need to be made) may take 4 weeks of time after order confirmation.

Can I change my delivery address after placing the order?

  • Post placing the order, you can change the delivery address if the product is not shipped subject to the new delivery address is in the same city.

How can I track the delivery of my order?

  • All products will be shipped via our own Logistics or 3rd party Logistics team. After shipping an auto generated tracking id will be sent to your mobile number and email by our shipping partners like FedEx Delivery, Gati, etc. If not, we will make a call and let you know about the status of your product if it is coming by truck or other means of transportation.
  • Royal Ambience try our best to deliver your product before you. In case of any delay, we proactively call / email the customer to inform them of the status of their product and where it is in transit. In the rare case when you have not received any communication from us for 7 days after order confirmation (or 7 days after promised shipment date in the case of custom prepared orders) do give us a call at our customer care number or email us at in case you need any assistance with tracking.

Do you deliver to multiple address?

  • We only deliver to the address specified in the order. In case of delivery to multiple addresses, you have to place multiple different orders for each address

Can someone else receive the order on my behalf?

  • Whoever is accepting the delivery on your behalf needs to have a valid ID Proof